Monday, March 30, 2015

Interesting Week

Hellos everyone!!! I love you all and I hope everything is fine for you! I miss you and hope that you are remebering that God loves you all and wants the best for you, as said in John 3:16. And also as said in this new video that He has made posible to watch! Here, go and watch it, I promise you it will make you feel just a little bit happier today:
This week was full of people coming up to us and asking us to teach them! It was so very strange... We also learned a lot of new things about our investigators Lyby and Marisa. Please remeber them in your prayers. And Angelo! Please pray for him too, he's gone a week without drinking and we don't want him to ever go back to it! The first time we taught him he was completely drunk and just not okay, and we don't want that to happen to him again. Please pray for him to have strength, as he's being baptised on April 25th! Remeber the scripture in James 1:5! And in Alma 32:21! Or just the whole chapter of Alma 32, it's amazing and my favorite, and I highly recommend you read it. It's in The Book of Mormon! Basically that's all I have time to write right now, but remember that you are all always in my prayers and that I love you very much!!!! Don't forget to write me! I'll try my best to write back! Love you! Hermana Johnson

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