Monday, March 9, 2015

Angry Bird Pet

Hello everyone!!! I love you all and I'm missing you here in Ecuador and hope everything's good on your end of the line!!! Basically, I was laying in my bed last night, almost asleep and very nice and happy when our ringtone, which is like a really strong metal techno beat, woke me from my almost-happy slumber. Thankfully, it wasn't a call for me, but for Hermana Mamani.
She left for Babahoyo today, and now I have the awesome Hermana Olsen as my companion!!! She was in my first district, and so amazing, I love her and am so happy we're companions now!!! Also, we have a new pet who really isn't ours because he lives with a member, but his name is Geoffrey. We saved him from being crushed by Family Paredes, a family of investigators. He was a very "angry bird" because he doesn't like to be almost- crushed. And that's the end of my time today!!!! I got to go, and sorry for the really small update, but I'll be talking to you all next week!!! Love, Hermana Johnson

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