Monday, January 26, 2015

Answering Sarah's Questions

Hello, Sarah! Hello everyone! 1) The ward we attend is about 400 people big, but only about 150 assist every Sunday, sometimes less. We're working on that, and I'm very excited to bring everyone back! 2) Oh man, the favorite person I've taught... This really isn't a question that any person can answer really! I love all the people I've taught, here and gone. I miss the ones in Samanes 1, but everyone here is so nice, they are all amazing people with different challenges and different quirks and personalities. Right now we're teaching to Bryan still and Romina, but Bryan more.

New companion

I have a few minutes left and I just lost my favorite companion and one of my best friends ever so I'm sad.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Dreams Come True in Ecuador

The winter season brings the rain, and with the rain comes the 100 degree weather and humidity. But after 6 months here in Ecuador, I'm used to it. We have recently been teaching a young girl named Ericka the gospel, and she has a little dog that looks just like Kona! Ericka is very sweet, and is 17 and pregnant. Latin culture is very strange in comparison with ours, the father is 36. Basically, this is a thing that happens a lot. But she's very awesome, and knows everyone in the neighborhood! But the most awesome thing is that she had a dream right before meeting us: She had been eating in her house and there came a knock at the door. She went to go and open it, and saw two elders (the Latins called both the girl missionaries and the guy ones "elders"). She told them that she was catholic and closed the door, but turned around and saw the elders open the window and ask her, " Why are you putting yourself farther away from God?" She woke up and was really worried the whole next two days, wondering what she had to do to bring herself closer to Heavenly Father, and then Hna Purnell and I came by with our friend Marlon, who had felt that he should take us over to meet her. She told us that we were exactly like her dream, and whoop now we're teaching her! It is so awesome! Love, Hermana Avalon Rae Johnson