Monday, November 24, 2014


I went to Isla Santay today in Duran!!! It was awesome but awful because my bike was broke and we had to bike about two miles with it. We saw crocodiles!

Sunday, November 16, 2014


We had changes today, and now Sister Purnell and I are opening a new sector in Duran Sur, Guayas, Guayaquil. It´s fun starting from bottom up! It means we get to find all the worthy in heart right away!!!! My first sector was also like this, and Sister Lagos and I opened up that sector too! I like opening sectors in the mission. Kitkats are non-existent here, so I know we would all love that for a start! I don´t really know what I need? I think a bunch of cards would be AWESOME!

Monday, November 10, 2014

About Ecuador

We have lunch with them members every day, and so that would be my favorite meal, although I do love eating my fruits at the house. Gapin Goucho is my favorite meal here, with cheese and egg and pasta soup. It´s amazing, there´s sausages and potatoe bread (homemade) on the side, with a bunch of rice and salad. A perfectly fried egg sits on top of the rice. I love it! The soup is a cheese broth with bowtie pasta, choclo (a type of big corn), cheese, and potatoes and saffron and I forgot the word. But they´re great! The ward is about 200 people, and It´s very nice, full of kind people who hardly ever have references. We speak english in the english class, as well as to practice with people. Other times, it´s a cat call from men who can only speak Hello and How are you. As companions, Hna. Purnell (Canada) and I only speak spanish, although we are both native english speakers. I only speak spanish in the house to practice with the new companion and new missionary, Hna. Robelledo (Chile), of the other sister, Hna Ocon (North CA). I love singing anything in Spanish. It´s amazing! And a lot prettier sometimes. But the people here are extremely tone deaf, so I stand out a lot. But it´s nice to hear them all singing praise to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. No, we haven´t done any service projects. It doesn´t work like that here. But we help the members with their stuff sometimes! The homes all have tile, with two comfy chairs and a couch, paintings, walls of different bold colors, and trinkets and pottery the people here like. It´s about the same in every home. I haven´t really had a best experience yet, other than walking around getting skinny and dropping about 15 pounds. I´ll get back to you on that. Hna. Purnell is from Alberta, Canada and is very clean and a bit bossy. She and I both like things done our way, and neither of us really gives in. We´re working on it, finding how we fit together as companions, after all, it´s only been a week. She´s really pretty with eyelashes that are gigantic, and is kind to everyone she meets. She´s creative, and likes fun little things, and parables. She doesn´t like to be hugged much, she´s not a touchy person. She´s the last child of 12.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Gringas in Our Sector

We had changes today and now everyone is a gringa here in Districto Orquideas 2. Hermana Lagos went back home to Honduras, and I´m the companion that "killed her", they say. They say it to everyone who is a last companion. Hermana Ocon is waiting to train a new missionary, and my new companion is a blonde girl from Canada, Hermana Purnell. I´ll have to send new pictures next week, I couldn´t find my uploader today. Everything is fine here in Guayaquil, a hot day as usual, and lots of humidity and running about. We`re all tired due to almost no sleep, because we were packing and helping pack all night. But we`ve gotten everything done and are going to do more. We have a family home evening tonight with the bishop´s family and one of our family investigators. We call them Familia B4 because the mom and dad are called Beatris and Boris, but then their daughter and son are called Beatris and Boris too. It´s really fun! The only thing that kind of stinks is that they won`t go to church, so we can´t ask them to be baptised yet. But they believe in Chirst, and have lots of faith because they`re catholic, so we`re trying to get them to see that God`s revealed new doctrine, because He would never leave His children alone without true and complete guidance. They have the Family Proclamation to the World magneted to their fridge, so I think they will come to see it soon. We´re teaching two other families, the family of Karina, and the family of Consuelo. They´ve both got baptism dates, and I´m excited for them! Karina is always ready to have us over to teach, and that just makes my week! Consuelo... We´ll see. We´re passing by her today too, so yeah! But that´s basically all that happened this week, other than Hna. Lagos and I working to pack up her stuff. But that´s all fine, because I´m excited for my new adventures with Hna. Purnell! I´ll send you all an update next week! Take care, I love you all and am always praying for you. Love, Hermana Johnson